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is the AMResorts programme which provides retail travel agents with all the information they need to help sell and promote our hotels in Europe. At AMResorts we do everything we can to help travel agents carry out their work more quickly and efficiently.

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24-hour booking availability Alua Hotels & Resorts

24-hour booking availability

Book direct through IAMTRAVELAGENCY. We offer all the tools you need to make your online bookings quickly and easily.

Personalised service Alua Hotels & Resorts

Personalised service

We provide a specialist Call Centre team to help you find out more about and book our hotels.

Best price guarantee Alua Hotels & Resorts

Best price guarantee

We offer you the guaranteed best online price in all our hotels.

Unique conditions Alua Hotels & Resorts

Unique conditions

10% commission, 100% prepayment and 3-day cancellation window for individual bookings. We also offer you the chance to sign up to a formal sales agreement. More information:

Esperamos que esta relacion profesional que acaba de empezar se lleve a cabo para siempre. Es por ello qué si tú estás contento, nosotros también.